Hampshire Wedding DJ A tale of two Sophie’s

Because no love story is ever the same, we strive to make every wedding different, and to add personal touches that truly reflect the personalities of the happy couples. Last weekend there were two weddings, and there were many similarities between the two that, although we knew about them, most of the guests were completely unaware of. Both days were unique with regards to their styles, and everybody had a wonderful time, however here we take a look at some of the things that made their days both similar and unique.

First of all, allow me to introduce you to the happy couples.

First, we have Sophie & Ashley Griffiths, who were married outside at the folly at De Vere Highfield Park, before enjoying their reception in the main house on Friday 21st August (image shown above).


Second, we have Sophie & Alex Toley, who were married at St Paul’s Church Wokingham, and held their reception in the garden suite at De Vere Warbrook House & Grange on Saturday 22nd August.

Ok, so the first similarity that is obvious is that they are both Sophies, and they both had bridegrooms who’s names start with an A. They both had Love Stories that we delivered, both fathers of the brides were called Philip, both had an Ashley in their lives – the first as a husband and the second as a new step son – and both had amazing wedding days in the sun.

Now, let’s look at what made their days special.

Sophie & Ashley Griffiths’ love story started with a proposal that was seen by millions, as it was recorded for the BBC when Ashley approached a sky writing company that then put him in touch with the One Show who were doing a feature on sky writers.

Ashley proposed to Sophie at Leeds Castle on 30th June 2013, telling her that he was there for a briefing before going on tour to Afghanistan. Sophie suspected that something was not quite right when they stayed the night before in Leeds castle in a £400 a night room, something that isn’t normal for our armed forces. She had no idea that the cameras were rolling when the sky writers made a giant heart in the air and Ashley went down on one knee.

Their wedding day started with a ceremony outside at the folly at Highfield Park in the sun, and continued with laughter and fun as their guests celebrated with them with a reception first in the gardens then the main house.

When it came to the evening, first the cake was cut which revealed that the cake that everybody had been seeing all day was a fake cake and beneath was a Lego inspired cake, then their Love Story was delivered before they took to the floor for their first dance and a tune that Ashley had kept secret from Sophie: Ed Sheeran & Tenerife Sea, ending the night with Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing” with all their guests surrounding them & then rocking it out to Bryan Adams & “Summer of 69” to end a wonderful day.

Photographs of the day by the talented Laura & Richard from LJ Photography.

Sophie & Alex Toley’s love story started with a proposal in a restaurant on the beach at sunset on the 14th November 2010 in Barbados while they were on holiday to celebrate Alex’s mum’s birthday.

Earlier that day Alex had found a conical spiralled shell in which he placed the ring, and feeling nervous, not knowing what Sophie’s answer may be, he went down onto one knee during the meal and asked the question, and of course Sophie’s answer was yes.

Their wedding day started with a ceremony at St Paul’s in Wokingham and a reception at Warbrook House in the garden suite. During the drinks reception guests listened to music with a summer feel pre-requested by Alex & Sophie. By the evening, when the temperature had dropped a little from the heat of the day, AHP Photography had set up a photo booth with fun hats prior to the cake cutting, their Love Story, and their first dance to Take That’s “A Million Love Songs”.

During the evening, an anniversary dance acknowledged the power and longevity of marriage, with Alex’s grandparents being the longest married couple at 57 years. The evening ended with Oasis “Wonderwall” Inner Circle “Sweat” & finally as their guests all surrounded them Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud” rounded off another wonderful day.

Photographs of the day by the talented Adam Hillier & AHP Photography.