Autumn Wedding

No matter which time of year you get married it will always be memorable, however autumn can be a beautiful time to set the date. One of the reasons for this is because all of the colours outside are stunning – the trees with golden leaves, and the early morning dew shimmering on the lawns. For this reason, the photographs that you take can still be done outside as the weather should be good enough for this, and you will find that the colours can create a spectacular backdrop to the photos that are taken.

You do, however, need to think about other practicalities, such as how you’re going to entertain your guests during the day. If it was the summer, chances are they would have been able to mill around happily outside right up until they are invited inside for the evening reception, however they may not be able to do this in the autumn, meaning that you would need to consider entertainment during the day.

The great news is that, no matter what time of year you hold your wedding, we will be able to work together to create a day that both you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives. By working with the weather and daylight hours that we have, we can plan what is going to happen during the day, and punctuate it with key events such as taking photographs, the wedding breakfast, and the evening entertainment.

By choosing the right entertainment and the right music for the event, with the help of me as your wedding DJ, you can be certain to create a day to remember. An autumn wedding can be fantastic, surrounded by all of the vibrant colours,
so you should make the most of the season and build a day to look back on for years to come.