Award Winning Hampshire Wedding DJ

As a Hampshire wedding DJ, I pride myself on being able to provide couples with exactly the service they need for what should be the best day of their lives. Although the only award I really need is to see happy smiles on the day, it is also great to be acknowledged in other ways, and today I am happy to announce that Alan Marshall Celebrations has enjoyed a huge amount of success at The Wedding Industry Experts Awards.

The awards first started in 2012, and have grown to become the largest competition for wedding professionals and businesses worldwide. There are an incredible 82 categories, and entrants compete at different levels, including city, state, country and international. Whoever gets the most votes in these categories wins the award, and this is why I am thrilled to confirm that Alan Marshall Celebrations has won 1st place in Andover and Hampshire, 2nd place in England, 2nd in the UK and, incredibly, 10th place worldwide. To achieve this result is testament to the service that we try to provide on a daily basis, and it is great to know that when our job is done, couples are consistently pleased with what we have delivered.

Our code of conduct is one of the reasons that our work is so well received; as we try our upmost to give couples the best experience possible. We believe that our honesty is something to be proud of, and we are upfront and open about everything – from telling you about our qualifications and experience, to explaining our pricing and contracts before you sign any kind of binding agreement. Customer service is paramount to us, and we keep in touch with all of our clients to ensure that they are happy at all times. If any dispute should ever occur, this would be dealt with quickly and professionally within our money back guarantee. In order to keep up to date with the market, we are constantly updating our knowledge of the field by researching the latest trends and technologies, and for this reason, all couples who choose to work with us know that they are going to get the very latest and modern service, provided in a way that is perfect for them as a couple.

Ultimately, our relationship with our couples is key, and we are honoured to receive these awards, as it shows that our work is both enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you to all who voted for us, and the best of happiness to all past and future couples who have used our services.