Is it cheese or a wedding party classic?

When you’re planning the music that you want to play at your wedding, you are certain to have an idea of the mood that you want to set. However, there can be a fine line with regards to whether the music you choose is cheesy or whether it is a party classic – and this can be particularly true of the music that you might choose for the end of the evening. I’m talking about songs such as YMCA, The Macarena and The Birdy Song – so how do you decide whether to include this type of music or not?

Firstly, you need to think about who is at your wedding. You might find that these are the types of songs that will best fill the dance floor, and if you want to create a party vibe, then including this kind of music could well be the best thing to do. There are often many people of different ages at a wedding, but both old and young alike are sure to appreciate the “classic” party tunes.

In addition, you can often find that it is the classic music that holds the most sentiment. You may have certain tunes that mean more to you than others, and if this is the case, then why should you avoid it just because it might be considered “cheesy”?

What you really need to think about is what is going to make people want to dance, because that’s what we really want at a wedding. While certain songs might be good, if people don’t know how to move to them, they might not bother. A sensible mix is key, so that there is enough to encourage people to get off their seats without being wall-to-wall cheese. Using my experience, we can work together to create a party playlist that will really work for you. That way, you can have a party that nobody will ever forget.