Father Daughter Dance

No matter what role you are playing on the big day, a wedding is full of meaning and emotion for all. From beginning to end, the event is a rollercoaster based on the choice of two people, the bride and groom, to spend the rest of their lives together. However, once the wedding ceremony is over, the emotion does not end there. In fact, it can be the dance between the bride and her father that holds some of the strongest feelings, and that can stick in the minds of all present.

The relationship between a little girl and her father is traditionally strong – her father is her hero, and he would do anything to protect her. So, on the day of her wedding, it can be very difficult to ‘give her away’ to her new husband. The choice of song can encompass everything that the two feel about each other, and can really tell the whole story of their relationship.

As a father, the thought of a daughter getting married can be scary. There may be the worry that she could meet the wrong person and be unhappy, but just as strong is the worry that, actually, she will meet the right person, get married, and change the relationship between father and daughter forever.

The dance is symbolic of this moment. When the father first takes the hand of his daughter, it is a reminder that no matter where she lives, what her name is, or if she has a family of her own, her dad will still be able to hold her hand sometimes. But at the end of the song is the emotional truth that now is the time to let go. It is time to hand her over to the new man in her life, the man who will look after her from now on. His little girl has grown up.

Top Ten Father Daughter Dance – Songs

I Loved Her First

What a great song for a father-daughter wedding dance! I Love Her First By the country/pop group Heartland, this song will melt the heart of daughter, father and every onlooker.  The music is wonderful, the message tender and the reminder of what a dad means to his daughter at her wedding is the focus of this song.

Butterfly Kisses

Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses is one of the all-time favorites. The message is loved by dads and daughters alike and the tempo makes dancing easy.  Not sure what butterfly kisses are?  It’s when you cuddle up with your daughter and her eyelashes tickle your cheek as she bats her eyes.  It happens to almost all dads and daughters a lot as she grows up.  So the song has a fun message at a daughter’s wedding.

Father and Daughter

Paul Simon’s Father and Daughter chorus gets the real meaning of being a dad “I’m gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow, gonna paint a sign so you’ll always know, As long as one and one is two, there could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you. The song has a fun up tempo message.

A Song for My Daughter

Ray Allaire’s A Song for My Daughter in this touching ballad the sentiment expressed works well for the father Daughter dance but could also be from a mother to her daughter, on occasion when sadly dad is not present this is a perfect choice for mum to let everyone know how much she loves her daughter. 

My Girl 

The timeless classic by the Temptations from 1964 simple, sweet lyrics that reflect father-daughter affection without going overboard. The up-tempo beat means you can have some fun with your dance steps, while the well-known lyrics will have everyone singing along.

Isn’t She Lovely 

Stevie Wonder sings straight from the heart about his joy and love for his new daughter. The words are simple  like “isn’t she lovely?” and  apply to every bride on the day when she’s most beautiful. Its upbeat tempo allows you to have some fun with your dance

The Way You Look Tonight

The definition of cool Frank Sinatra with a classic  “The Way You Look Tonight” has a timeless quality that can match the tone of a formal or modern wedding. This song is a particularly good choice for brides with older fathers, or those looking to avoid emotional moments while still maintaining a sense of tradition.

Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” is quite possibly the most versatile song you could choose for the father-daughter dance. it has a timeless quality that makes it just as appropriate at a formal or informal wedding. It’s also short and sweet, at around 2 minutes it perfect if you or your Dad would like to share a special dance without lingering out there in the spotlight for too long.


Through the wonder of technology, Natalie Cole was able to transform her legendary father’s signature song into a true testament of father-daughter love they reveal the affection she feels for her father, just as your dance will reveal the love between you and yours.  Though this duet version of the song is fairly new, it still has an old-world feel, making it perfect for both modern and traditional weddings. Best of all, its slow pace is perfect for non-dancers. allowing you to enjoy this moment with your father.