Flow of the party

When you’re at your wedding reception, chances are you will be kept very busy all evening, talking to your friends and family, some of whom you might not always get the chance to see as much as you might like. However, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that your guests are, and this means that your event could certainly benefit from a smooth flow from beginning to end. It is a sad truth that your guests aren’t likely to comment if your event runs smoothly, but they will almost certainly have something to say if it fails to, and that is why it is an important thing to address during the planning stage.

One of the key questions that you need to ask yourself is where will the party be? Of course, you will know where your venue is, but where is going to be “the place to be” while your party is going on? More than likely, there are going to be different groups of people in different places – many of whom may not be on the dance floor itself. You will find that there are people who stay sitting at the tables, some who gather round the bar, some who find a quiet corner to chat, and some of the children may find a place where they can play with others. A lot of the time, you will find that the party happens wherever the happy couple choose to stand, whether that’s in the bar or on the dance floor, but they are not able to be everywhere at once, meaning that you need somebody who can pull all groups of people at the party together.

Your wedding DJ is the perfect person for this job, as the way that they have planned and staged your event can make a huge difference when it comes to your guests being able to enjoy their evening.

Having things to look forward to at every stage of your event means that nobody will be left with nothing to do – there is something for everyone at a wedding. Things such as a meal, the first dance, the father-daughter dance and the final dance are key points in any wedding celebrating, and positioning those throughout the evening means that there is always something coming up that your guests will be able to look forward to. A professional wedding DJ will be able to help you to do this, as they have a lot of experience of similar events that they can draw upon in order to give them a good idea of what might work in your case.

Another thing that you should be aware of is the music that you play, and the order in which you play it. Ideally, you want to be able to control the mood throughout the night – generally, going from romance, to celebration, gradually back to romance, is a popular decision. Although there is nothing wrong with having a wide range of music, if it is too eclectic you are likely to have people leaving the dance floor because they cannot enjoy every song, so ordering your playlist appropriately is vital. Again, your wedding DJ will be able to shape the perfect music set for you, meaning that you can enjoy your evening without worrying. If your DJ will be taking requests or dedications, you may want to set a specific time for this.

Ultimately, having a plan can transform your wedding. Your wedding DJ can do this to perfection, meaning that the guests will have a whale of a time, and your wedding will be what it is supposed to be – the best day of your life.

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