Fun wedding ideas, entertainment

When you’re planning a wedding, you will spend a lot of time thinking about what you would like to happen during each part of the day. However, what really makes a good wedding is something that people will always remember – and this should involve something that people have never seen before if at all possible.

Your wedding reception should be the best party that you have ever planned, and for this reason it is a great idea to have some fun with it. Of course, there will be plenty of dancing for everyone, but why not do something to add a little more excitement to the mix, like a lip sync battle; just like the TV show! Or, if that isn’t really your style, you could have a battle of the bands type scenario with an air guitar competition. You even have the option of using a real, inflatable guitar, to give guests an even better chance of getting into the spirit of it.

Doing things like this during your wedding reception really gives you the chance to get the guests to pull together and form teams. You may decide that it is as simple as Team Bride V Team Groom, but there is always the option of mixing things up a little and introducing your guests to others that they’ve never met before. It is often in situations like this where the best friendships are made – so this gives you the chance to be responsible for bonds that could last a lifetime! Another good idea is a table trivia quiz about the both of you during the wedding breakfast for your guests to works as teams.

Once you’ve decided what type of fun you’re looking for, you can leave it to me your master of ceremonies or compere to take care of. I will be able to pull everything together into an event that you can be proud of, that both you and all of your guests are sure to enjoy and remember for years to come. Nothing makes a wedding as fun as laughter does – and by having this type of event, you are certain to get that.