Add some crazy to your fun wedding

Everybody wants a fun wedding to remember, but sometimes it can feel as though getting an idea that really stands out from the crowd is impossible. Often, you have so many choices that you don’t even know where to start, and nothing seems original. Luckily, if this is a problem that you are struggling with at the moment, you may find that our party pack is the perfect thing to help to take your party from just fun to plain crazy.

With the party pack we have sizes to fit every party, you are sure to be able to find something that will suit you and your guests. You can have a lot of fun with the items by giving them out and seeing what looks good on who, and you will find that some brilliant photos are created by seeing your family and friends dressed up like they’ve never been before.

Another option that you have with this pack is to create your own theme for the evening. For example, if you want to add a Hawaiian theme, there are a number of things within the packs that you could use, such as our Hawaiian Lai, and straw hula skirts. You could arrange for cocktails to be made at the bar to add to the feel that you’re trying to create, and your DJ could help you to find music to match the mood – whichever one you eventually go for.

You could also go for the full-on party atmosphere, and create your own club in the middle of your reception. To do this, you could use neon whistles and glow bracelets – something which would appeal to all, but especially children, meaning that they would have something to keep them occupied. Our confetti cannons can add huge amounts of colour and excitement to the room, and will definitely be a point of interest.

There are always lots of photos taken at a wedding, and if you don’t want to use the fun items in your reception itself, then there is always the option of having a photo booth set up where your guests would be able to dress up in silly costumes for the photo, before taking them off and returning to the dance floor. This means that you can keep whichever theme you had chosen, without having to go without all of the fun and games.

No matter what you choose to go for, it is certain that our party pack will be able to add a lot to your reception. If you’re aiming for a party to remember, this is definitely something to consider.

Some of the items available in the pack include

  • Glitter Top Hat (Gold or Silver)
  • Blues Brothers Hat & Glasses
  • Hawaiian Lei
  • Inflatable Guitar
  • Inflatable Saxophone
  • Inflatable Microphone
  • Maraca
  • Tinsel Wig (Gold, Silver or Shocking Pink)
  • Straw Beachcomber Hat
  • Straw Hula Skirt 38cm w x 80cm h
  • Confetti Cannons (Multicoloured Strands 50cm)
  • Confetti Cannons (Multicoloured Strands 80cm)
  • Neon Whistles (x12)
  • Glow Bracelet (pack of 10)
  • Glow Stick on Lanyard
  • Brand New the Tomfoolery Party Pack