Highfield Park DJ

Everybody wants their wedding party to go with a bang, but a lot of people aren’t too sure about what they will be able to do in order to ensure that everything goes to plan. Planning a wedding can be difficult at the best of times, but when you’re doing the best that you can to make everybody happy, things can get complicated, and for this reason it is good to have somebody who would be able to help you. Luckily, as a preferred Highfield Park wedding DJ I do just that for you, meaning that you no longer have anything to worry about.


Highfield Park situated between Basingstoke & Reading is by far one of the most stunning wedding venues that you will ever have the chance to see; so if you get the opportunity to be married here, you should certainly grasp it with both hands. Once you enter the driveway, which sweeps its way up to the venue, you will be able to fully appreciate all 35 acres of stunning land that the building is set in. If your wedding photos are something that is of importance to you, as they are with most newlyweds, there is no doubt that this is the ideal venue to allow you to make the most of what’s around you.

With regards to the rooms that are available once you get into the venue, there are a number of different suites that you can choose from. The venue gives you the option of taking a look at some of these to see which best suits your requirements, so you are sure to find something that meets your needs. The best thing that you can do is go to see the venue because this gives you the chance to see for yourself just what you could possibly have on the happiest day of your life.

Once you have decided on the venue of your dreams, you need to start to think about the party itself to ensure that it’s something that your guests are always going to remember. Most people aren’t professional party planners, meaning that they might struggle to get everything done, however as your Highfield Park DJ I can help you with many aspects of your day, leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about other than focussing on your partner and enjoying yourself.

The flow of the party is important and, with a wealth of past experience, as your Highfield Park DJ, I will be able to give you advice about what would fit where during the evening. You should have certain times during proceedings that people will be able to look forward to, and this should make sure that nobody chooses to leave the party early. Things like the first and last dance, possibly a quiz and the meal, are all important times and need to be planned. Not only do you have the opportunity to have all of the entertainment that you associate with a wedding, but you could also make use of the Love.