Summer Weddings

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be very tempting to start imagining your perfect day. In your vision, it will probably be sunny – because every happy couple wants to be able to stand outside in the sunshine taking photographs and having a wonderful day with their friends and family. The best way, though by no means a guarantee, of having some sunshine is to have a summer wedding, as it is much more likely to be warm and bright at this time of the year. If you’re lucky enough to get this weather then that is something to be pleased about, however you do need to do a little extra planning to make sure that the organised entertainment is right for the occasion.

In the winter, it is quite easy to organise your entertainment, because all of your guests will have to congregate in one place during the reception due to the weather. In the summer, however, this may not be the case, and you may find that rather than having one big party, you actually have to deal with two separate groups of people – those who wish to remain in the function room, and those who want to make the most of the evening sunshine. Thanks to the long daytime hours during the summer months, there is every chance that people could wish to remain outside for the whole of the evening, meaning that this is something that you really need to be prepared for.

The music that you choose for your entertainment during the day could help to set the summery tone that you are searching for. If you know that your guests are going to want to spend a lot of their time outside in the sunshine, then light and relaxing music could be the perfect choice for this portion of the day. Atmosphere is everything at a wedding, and being able to create this for your own special day can really transform it into something that you are always going to remember.

If you have guests in different parts of the venue, then it is also important that they are told everything that is going on during the celebration. A good master of ceremonies will be able to do this, as he will have the experience needed to be able to pull the groups of guests together even if they are not physically in the same place. If you are worried about what music you would like to play, then there is no need to be – as your wedding DJ will also be able to help with this. With so much experience of summer weddings in the past, he knows exactly how to make sure that the guests are all enjoying both the occasion as a whole, and the weather.

Ultimately, a summer wedding can be wonderful with the right preparation. So, take some time to talk to your master of ceremonies, and see what he can plan for you. You are sure to be able to have a wonderful day to remember for years to come.