It’s all about your Love Story!

I get asked a lot what is the love story part of a wedding that you do all about ?, Let me try to explain.

At a wedding, the most important thing is the love that has grown between the happy couple. Behind every couple is a tremendous love story – and I think that it is important that everybody knows about it. At a wedding, you will have lots of different people from both families, including those who spend a lot of time with the happy couple and might live locally to them, and also those who may not have seen them for a number of years. Even those who you are close to might not know the full story of your love and, because it is that story that brought you here today, we think that it’s one that ought to be told.

In the run-up to your wedding, in addition to being the best wedding DJ Hampshire has to offer, I will spend plenty of time with you getting to know who you are, how you met, and the course of events that led to this moment. From this, I will be able to put together a ten minute scripted performance that can truly bring the emotion of your coupling alive. This is great at a wedding reception, as it can be good to add some entertainment in addition to just the meal and dancing that people usually experience at this type of event.

I will tell the story of how you met and how you got engaged, alongside any other stories that you feel are important along the way. I can get the perfect balance between tears and laughter – two things that are present at almost every wedding – meaning that your guests can experience the rollercoaster of emotions just as the two of you did as your love blossomed.

It is hard to describe just how wonderful “Love Story” can be, but rest assured that, even though you already know the story yourselves, you will both be just as moved as the rest of the audience when they hear it for the first time.

A couple excepts from Love stories delivered by Hampshire Wedding DJ Alan Marshall.


Phillip & Roxanne

“After a while & the odd subtle hint from Roxanne about when they would make the next step, Phil decieded to hatch a plan for the proposal! first the ring! With a little help from Cheryl at work & a few texts to Roxanne’s sister Kayleigh for quite a bit of guidence a dream ring was decieded opon.

The order was placed from the very shop they worked in right under Roxanne’s nose! Maybe a little unwise? But Phil was planning the perfect proposal what could go wrong!”

David & Leanne

“Dave jumped up and as it was halloween, He loaded on to the playlist one of his favourites, Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper.

A few tunes passed by and eventually it came on, but just 30 seconds in, Mike’s girlfriend (and now wife) Anya not only turned it off, she turned it off and put an a song by Abba instead!!

 It was then that in complete unison, Leanne and Dave both shouted out from different ends of the kitchen ‘NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!’.

That was the first time dave noticed Leanne, shocked to find someone else that even knew the song, let along liked it!!

Leanne smiled back at Dave”

I have received overseas training as a Master of Ceremony, and this has lead me to become one of the most sought after wedding DJs in the UK. It is always an honour to be able to tell the love story of the couples who I am working for, as I know just how much of a special moment it can be. Together, we can tell the extraordinary story of your courtship, and this is something that both you and your guests will remember for years to come. No matter where you’re to be wed, whether it is in the stunning surroundings of Highfield Park or Warbrook House, or whether it is in a small, intimate venue, your love story will be an important part of the day.