A Great Wedding Celebration


If you’re having your wedding celebration on a different day than you choose to say your vows, you may be worried about the fact that it’s a little unusual to do so. Although it’s true that the majority of wedding parties do take place the day the vows are exchanged, there are certain situations where it is not possible – for example if the happy couple have been married abroad, and choose to share a separate day with their friends and families once they get back home again. Thanks to the fact that the guests won’t have attended the wedding itself, or at the very least it is no longer fresh in their mind, it is important that you ensure that the feeling is romantic and personal to the bride and bridegroom. That way, everyone can be sure what they are celebrating, and will be able to truly get into the spirit of things.

One of the most important things is that you need to make sure that everything is personal to you as a couple. Even the smallest touches can make a huge difference, and you could find that those are the things that are remembered and talked about for years to come. Your wedding DJ can help you to plan all of the music and dances for the event to make sure that there is a good structure to the celebration, and this will always give your guests something that they will be able to focus on. Things like the first dance, the father and daughter dance, and the last dance are key moments in a wedding celebration, and choosing the right music for these moments can make all the difference. Some couples immediately know which music they would like, whereas others need a little guidance. Whichever is the case for you, your wedding DJ can help.

Another thing that you could do to make it personal is to relive your wedding day for the benefit of the guests who were not able to be there. One option is to display photos all around the room, and even play videos of when the vows were actually exchanged. These can either be made into a feature or played during the whole event for people to stop and watch whenever they feel as though they want to.

If you like the idea of turning your wedding day memories into a feature for your guests, you may be interested in our “Love Story” service. Your wedding DJ is able to put together a wonderful performance during which he can tell the story of your love together, using information that you have given to him. If you wish, he can also extend this into sharing the story of the wedding day itself, telling the story alongside all of the photos and videos that you already have. It certainly has the power to add a lot of emotion to the occasion, and that is exactly what you are searching for in this case.

Generally, although you may find that it is a little bit unusual to have your wedding celebration on a different day to your wedding, you do have the chance to really turn it into a day that everyone is going to remember for the rest of their lives. It would be a shame to have your special day treated simply as a party rather than as a celebration of the love between a happy couple, however by taking into account the tips here, you can ensure that this does not happen, and that everyone is left with a mind full of happy memories.