Same Sex Marriage

Since the latter end of 2005, same sex couples have been legally able to enter into a civil partnership, which prompted a huge leap in the number of these partnerships taking place. In March 2014, another leap took place, and ever since that day, gay and lesbian weddings have been fully legal in the UK. So, the legal system has finally managed to catch up with what we already knew – love is love, and we should celebrate it, no matter what form it takes, or which people that special bond is between.

A wedding day is just like the couple that it is designed for – completely unique in its own way, and not like any other that has ever occurred in the past, or will ever occur between another couple again. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your day is exactly what it should be, about you and your partner, and luckily the best wedding DJ Hampshire has to offer is here to help you with everything that you need along the way whilst you plan your dream wedding.

Sean & Ryan 27th March 2015 Northbrook Park

“Alan, you were brilliant, I mean absolutely brilliant! We both thank you so very much for saving our day in the eleventh hour. Our guests and both of us had an amazing day. Thank you for being an integral part of it”.

It can often seem like a very difficult task to be able to organise everything that you need for your big day; from the music and clothes to the food, everything needs to be thought about, and it is vital that nothing at all is left out at the planning stage. Luckily, as your wedding DJ we can take everything off your hands, and make sure that you get a wedding day that you can be proud of.

One thing that is important to decide on early is the theme. This is a personal choice, and will shape the rest of your plans for the wedding. A common theme is something that reflects how the couple met, or a personal journey that they have been on – as your wedding DJ we will be able to guide you through this process.

Another important consideration is the music that is playing during the whole of the event. You need to make sure that you choose the perfect songs – there are so many to choose from that there is bound to be a perfect choice with lyrics that fit with any thought or feeling that you would like to be associated with your day. From the moment you get to your venue, there will be music to mark each important aspect of the day, and getting the choice right will make all of the difference between a great wedding and a perfect day.

This is the perfect chance to celebrate your love as a couple. As your Hampshire wedding DJ we can create beautifully romantic gay and lesbian weddings, in a stunning setting to suit your taste and style – so why not get in touch today and see what he has to offer to you? You are sure to have a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, and with such a lot of love to celebrate, this can only be a good thing.