Kirsty & Martin’s Wedding

Salomon’s Estate

A New Year’s Eve Wedding in the heart of Kent for Kirsty and Martin at Salomon’s Estate.

Kirsty & Martin's Wedding 4 - Salomon's Estate
Celebrations with Alan Marshall - Kirsty & Martin Confetti
Kirsty & Martin - Bride & Groom - Salomon's Estate Wedding
Salomon's Estate Wedding - Kirsty & Martin

The couples review

Alan was the Master of Ceremonies and DJ at our New Year’s Eve wedding and was absolutely fantastic! Our wedding would not have been the same without him. His DJ Set was brilliant and really got the party going. However, not only did Alan and his son ensure that the day ran smoothly, but his support and advice throughout our wedding planning process were invaluable.

If we were to do it all again, one of the first things I would do is hire Alan, and I’d recommend anyone else planning a wedding to do the same. Not only will you end up with a brilliant DJ and MC, but you will also have someone who can help guide you through the process and put together a great wedding!

Kirsty and Martin

If you’re curious about the reason behind Kirsty and Martin’s glowing review, which they submitted just days after their wedding, then keep reading. I’ll reveal the meticulous pre-wedding process that went into crafting the wedding day of their dreams. Celebrations with Alan Marshall take pride in delivering unforgettable wedding experiences, and I’ll explain the dedication and effort that went into creating Kirsty and Martin’s magical celebration.

Pre Planning –

The best weddings are always planned. Below is a summary of the 5x meetings I had with Kirsty and Martin to help with the planning of their wedding.

June 2023

Kirsty & Martin contacted me to arrange a Zoom to discuss their wedding at Salomons Estate, Tonbridge Wells, on New Year’s Eve 2023. The purpose of the first meeting is to see if we’re a “good fit” for each other.
After the call, they immediately booked me. The booking agreement was sent to them electronically for them to sign, and I also gave them access to my planning portal, where they would have tools and advice to make planning their wedding more of a pleasure than an overwhelming experience.

July 2023

A second Zoom, this time to answer questions. During the call, a desire for a ’90s/00s Dance-themed evening that would include a live Saxophonist was requested. asking if I had any recommendations; after some careful research, I was able to find them the perfect fit with Phill Marshall (no relation).

September 2023

A third Zoom to plan specific sections of the day. Kirsty & Martin wanted help with the first dance planning and some advice regarding both of their mothers doing readings during the ceremony and helping with the after-dinner speeches.
Part of this meeting was to go through the venue document, regarding general conduct and management of the day with them, to check any impact that may have on their vision.
Something that stood out was the venue’s initial desire for the fireworks, that Kirsty & Martin had booked, to take place at midnight. Not something that would typically be an issue, but given that it was New Year’s Eve, thought needed to be given to how the traditional Auld Lang Syne would happen if the guests were outside at this point.

October 2023

Kirsty & Martin had attended an open day at the venue and fallen in love with a string trio for pre-ceremony, ceremony and drinks reception music, but still wished me to direct the flow as Master of Ceremonies. They also gave me the names of the other suppliers they had booked and would like me to assist on the day. This included their photographer, Helen and a friend who would be videoing the day, both of whom I contacted to introduce myself and establish how I could help them on the day.

December 2023

The final planning session, with only a month to go. We ran through the plans for the entire day and any last-minute changes (there are always last-minute changes!). Luckily, a few weeks out from the wedding, the venue changed its mind and allowed fireworks from half past midnight, so a traditional welcome to the New Year. We planned that following that, I would then direct the guests to make their way out to the fireworks.
In December, I called Phil, the Sax player, to check his requirements regarding connection to my equipment and iron out a plan regarding the music playlist during his set, which would allow the guests and Phill to have a great experience.

Salomon’s Estate Wedding: A Dream Come True at Kirsty and Martin’s Unforgettable Celebration

There’s nothing quite like a New Year’s Eve wedding, and Kirsty and Martin’s special day at Salomon’s Estate was nothing short of magical.

Nestled in the heart of Kent, in the picturesque town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Salomon’s Estate is a hidden gem that exudes character and grandeur. With its lovingly restored Grade II listed country house, this magical venue was designed with celebrations in mind.

From start to finish, I had the honour of wearing many hats as their Master of Ceremonies and evening DJ, ensuring that every moment was filled with joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories.

As the day began, the weather didn’t want to cooperate, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our lovely couple. With Kirsty’s heart set on a confetti shot outside on the terrace, we kept a close eye on the skies, hoping for a break in the rain. And thanks to the dedication of photographer Helen from Helen England Photography, we were able to capture that perfect confetti moment, showcasing the love and happiness that surrounded Kirsty and Martin.

The drinks reception was a time for guests to unwind and enjoy themselves, but I understand the importance of maintaining energy and setting the stage for a successful evening. Engaging with guests, sharing stories about the couple, and keeping everyone informed about what was to come created a personal connection that allowed everyone to relax and have a phenomenal time.

After dinner and heartfelt speeches, it was time for the evening reception. Kirsty and Martin wanted a party atmosphere with 90’s dance classics. That’s when I teamed up with saxophonist Phil Marshall to kick off the night with a bang. As I dropped one classic after another, the dancefloor filled with energy and excitement, creating an unforgettable night for everyone.

Salomon’s Estate provided the perfect backdrop for Kirsty and Martin’s wedding. Its breathtaking grounds and stunning interiors set the stage for a day filled with love, laughter, and endless memories. I’m grateful to have been a part of their journey and witnessed their love story unfold.

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s as special and unique as Kirsty and Martin’s, I would be honoured to help make your vision a reality. As your Master of Ceremonies and DJ, I’ll ensure that every moment is filled with joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories. Let’s create the wedding of your dreams at Salomon’s Estate or any other venue with a special place in your heart.

Contact me today to start planning your perfect celebration. Your love story deserves to be told.

Kirsty & Martin - Bride & Groom - Salomon's Estate Wedding
Salomon's Estate Wedding Reception
Kirsty and Martin - Salomon's Estate Wedding

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My Story So Far…

Rather than me telling you about myself, I’ve asked my friend for her thoughts…

Alan Marshall began his journey to become a Master of Ceremonies when he attended his first MarBecca Method Workshop in 2010. These workshops are dedicated to Mobile DJs who would like to further develop their performance skills and Alan was the first DJ from the United Kingdom to fly to the U.S.A. to attend our workshops. A Master of Ceremonies was not something that was common in the U.K. at that time, but Alan knew specialized coaching would enhance the experience of every young couple that hired him for their special day.

Fast forward to today and you’ll not find a more accomplished Master of Ceremonies in all of England. Alan has completed 8 MarBecca Method workshops, including a private consultation, where he practised his microphone technique, studied wedding traditions and received on-the-spot coaching. The duties of a Master of Ceremonies are much different than a Toast Master. A proficient Master of Ceremonies is key for tying everything together so that the reception runs smoothly – The MC is the one person in the room that is responsible for the success of your event with respect to timing and pacing of your party.

He is also responsible for communicating with the photographer, the videographer and the reception venue coordinator to make sure they are prepared for the next activity before it is announced. This ensures a smooth and carefree party for you and your guests. It is a big responsibility and a lot to juggle, but Alan does this with ease, grace and charm.

You only have to start talking about a wedding and Alan’s face lights up like a Roman candle – his enthusiasm is infectious and certainly, anyone who sits with him for a few minutes will appreciate his love for love. What’s not to love about that?!!

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