How Do I Find A Wedding DJ?

by | May 14, 2024 | Wedding Inspiration

How To Find A Wedding DJ


With your wedding fast approaching you’re probably wondering “How Do I Find A Wedding DJ?” But, where do you start? Probably with our old friend Google… so you type in “wedding DJ Hampshire”… well, that’s narrowed it down to nearly 2,680,000 results!

Where to start… well, what do you want? Sit down and have a think about what you actually want for your wedding… Then put together the information the DJ’s going to need. The DJ’s going to need to know the date, venue and times required to play as a minimum.


Look at a few websites… Do they appeal to you? Do they look professional? How up-to-date is it? Is it their equipment and weddings they’ve played at? (rather than stock or AI generated images ) Look for consistency. Look for presentation and spelling, they’re selling themselves on attention to detail…

Have they just got a Facebook page? Really?


Look at the photos… are they mainly photos of the DJ’s equipment? Does it look nice? Are there lots of people smiling and dancing, having a great time? Can you imagine how it will look in your venue? Are there pictures of the DJ themselves, so you can see who you’re dealing with? Do the photos show a wide age range of guests having a great time ? (you’re not going to just have your friends at your wedding, think also of your family…) Do they have signs up advertising their business… do you want that at your wedding?


Look at reviews… Are they consistent, independent, unedited reviews? Do they talk about things that mean a lot to you? (i.e. how professional they were, everyone danced, we had a great night etc.) What about venue reviews and recommendations?

Have they got several methods of contact? or just a mobile number…

Do they look like someone you’d like to have DJ your wedding? Is the page a front to a company that just passes on the booking? (not unfheard of unfortunately) Are they an agency? If so, how much say do you have? Can you meet the DJ? (not the booking person!). Is the personal touch important to you?

The above will give you a good start and should help you create a shortlist. Now it’s time to make an appointment and arrange to have a chat with them…

I’d love to talk to you about your wedding and how I can help you.

One of my many reviews from clients:

We booked Alan because we could tell from the first call that his service was totally different to what anyone else was offering. He was incredible, went above and beyond before our wedding and on the day itself. We were kept on the dance floor all night with a very eclectic mix of music, guided by a few choices we’d made in advance. Alan and Andrea absolutely made our day and handled a couple of caterer issues so that we could stay cool and focus on our guests. If you’re still considering it, book a call with Alan and you’ll know right away why he’s a different class. Amazing DJ and top class master of ceremonies, our wedding wouldn’t have been complete without them. Thank you so much.
Simon Beal

I write these Blog posts to help you plan an amazing wedding and to give a few ideas on how to achieve that. Please contact me to discuss your wedding and find out why I guarantee the success of every party I am booked for.

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