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by | Oct 18, 2023 | Wedding Inspiration

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So, how do you choose the music for this?

There is so much music available now that it’s hard to know where to start.

One great way is to ask your guests to select a song each via your invites. Just ask them to pick a song that makes them “get up and dance”. Don’t just ask for a song; you’ll inevitably get lots of slower songs, and that’s probably not what you want.

This has another great effect in that when the request is played that person will assume it’s especially for them, the fact several people will probably have selected it doesn’t matter.

There seems to be a weird British trait in that we won’t dance to songs we don’t know. Something to bear in mind when considering those album tracks you really like, that have never been released as singles. Will anyone else have heard of it? Remember to strike a balance between personal preferences and crowd-pleasers.

A great piece of advice when choosing songs is to think to yourself… ‘If this were to play at a friend’s wedding, would I get up and dance?” If the answer is no, then why would your guests dance to it? It’s OK to have the odd song like this, but not too many if getting everyone to dance is your goal.

One of the tools I use to help with your wedding planning is an online system called DJ Event Planner (DJEP) which allows you to access my music database and choose music for your day. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to you more about this when we meet.

The buffet…

So what happens when the buffet is ready? Do you want this announced? Should the music volume be reduced and more background-type music be played whilst people are eating? Lights up? Or should everything just keep going? There are no right or wrong answers to this, just make sure you talk to me about it so I know what you’d like to happen.

Other “things” going on…

If you have any other special activities planned during the evening, don’t forget to inform me so I can make appropriate announcements and ensure everyone is aware. It’s important that your vision is communicated effectively to create the desired experience.

An evening reception doesn’t have to solely revolve around music. There are many other options to consider. Check out my blog for unique ideas and inspiration.

End of the night

When it comes to ending the night, think about how you’d like to conclude your special day. In the past, the couple would often leave before the end, but that’s not as common nowadays. Instead of playing a few slow songs, which may signal the end of the party and prompt guests to leave, consider ending with a sing-along. Guests encircle the bride and groom while everyone sings along to a couple of well-known tracks such as:

Take That – Never Forget,
Elbow – One Day Like This,
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – Time of My Life
The Beatles – Hey Jude

You could even choose to play your first dance song as the final dance, symbolically bringing the evening full circle. This creates a memorable and joyous way to conclude the night.

Ultimately, your evening reception should reflect your style and preferences. It’s not about having a strictly pre-determined playlist but rather putting thought and effort into planning the flow of the event.

The alternative…

So, instead of settling for a generic and impersonal disco experience, let’s have a conversation about your plans. Book an appointment with me using one of the methods below. I’m excited to hear from you and help create a truly memorable event.

I write these Blog posts to help you plan an amazing wedding and to give a few ideas on how to achieve that. Please contact me to discuss your wedding and find out why I guarantee the success of every party I am booked for.

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