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All Discos are the same…

Of course they are not! Well, they are on the basis that they all play music, but it’s how they do it. It’s a bit like saying all wedding dresses are the same…

Planning your wedding is supposed to be a fun and exciting time, but often what can become tedious and frustrating are the decisions when it comes to choosing the right entertainment for your big day. It’s all too easy to think that all wedding DJs and Discos offer the same package with no variation – however, this couldn’t be further from the truth! With so many choices now available, from some DJs, for your special day, you can tailor the whole day AND evening to suit you. We’ll explore some of those options in this blog post, diving into different types of music, lighting setups and experiences that can make a huge difference when it comes to creating an unforgettable time at your reception and for the whole day. Let’s get started!

The local mobile disco may not be the right choice. Do you remember Ray Von from Phoenix Nights… YouTube Link …imagine if this were your wedding…

We’ve all been to parties that have been flat. Very few people if anyone danced, the dance floor was empty, it was the wrong music, it was too loud, and people got bored and left early. You don’t want that to happen at your wedding! You need to talk to the DJ. Together, you need to plan what you want, what you expect and how that’s going to be achieved. Good parties are planned, they don’t, normally, just happen.

The wedding DJ

A wedding DJ, like myself, will have a great depth of experience and should have done at least some training to be the best they can be. They’ll want to discuss your wedding day with you and not just get a list of song requests from you. They will work with you to create the wedding of your dreams.

Your Music

You’ll have a good idea of what sort of music you like, but what about your friends, your family, your other half’s family? It’s also good to discuss what you don’t like. You may or may not want the DJ to take requests on the night. The main thing is you need to trust that your DJ knows what he/she is doing and that they understand what you want. But that doesn’t mean you should insist on having a full-on club night because that’s what you like! It’s pretty unlikely that your family guests will appreciate it! But you could have a club 1/2hr or hour towards the end when your friends are likely to be the majority of guests… or, how about an after party?.. You have an earlier, traditional finish say about 10:30 so that all of your family feel it’s the end and can then go off happy that they’ve seen everything. Then the last hour or hour and a half is a full-on club session aimed squarely at you and your friends?

It’s best to imagine yourself as a guest at your wedding reception rather than the bride (I know it’s hard!) but that way you’ll be ensuring your guests will have a great time. What makes you get up dancing?

The Wedding Venue

You probably spent quite some time choosing your wedding venue, but have you seen what it looks like in the evening and at different stages throughout the day? The right DJ will have a variety of setups to blend in with and complement your venue, from a subtle unobtrusive look for during the wedding ceremony, to a full-on wedding disco with a floor-filling lighting rig for later.

In summary

Remember, to book a great wedding Disco and wedding DJ, you need to do your research, read reviews, meet the DJ, talk about what you like and don’t like and listen to their advice, get a written contract and pay a deposit to maximise your chances of a great end to your fabulous day.

To start the ball rolling and arrange an appointment with me, please contact me on one of the methods shown below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I write these Blog posts to help you plan an amazing wedding and to give a few ideas on how to achieve that. Please contact me to discuss your wedding and find out why I guarantee the success of every party I am booked for.

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