Wedding Ceremony Music

When it comes to ceremony music as the bard (shakespeare) said “if music be the food of love, play on”

Even as far back as the days of Shakespeare, people knew that music was one of the things that could represent love better than anything else in the world. Indeed, he took the time to write about this, and in ‘Twelfth Night’, the character ‘Orsino’ asked for more music because of his frustration whilst courting Countess Olivia. He thought that, if he were given more music, his obsession for love may be cured, much in the same way that eating food removes the need to eat further.

Music has, therefore, always been important – particularly where romance is concerned, and this is no more obvious than on the day of your wedding. It is something that most people look forward to from being very young; the day that they will finally become one with the most important person that they have ever met in their lives.

Wedding ceremony music, unlike in Shakespeare’s writing, is not supposed to ‘cure’ you of love, though. It should enhance the feelings that you and your partner already have for each other.

As much as your wedding is held in front of many people who you hold dear, it is also one of the most private and intimate times that you will ever have with your partner. Music can add a lot of emotion to your day, and you should find that it leaves both the happy couple and the guests on an emotional high. It is important that you choose the right music, so you should take a lot of time to think about this. If you are not sure what you should choose, then your wedding DJ will be able to help you, drawing on many years of experiencing both weddings and music to help you choose the perfect playlist for your special day.

Your wedding should be the best day of your life, and if you choose the right songs, you can be almost certain that this is going to be the case for you.

Wedding Ceremony Music ideas

These are just a few ideas and as you could imagine there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of music that could be suitable, Here we focus on the Processional and Recessional though to find out more contact us for a chat about your wedding plans and see how Alan Marshall Celebrations can help you.

The Prelude –  Done well this can not only set the atmosphere but create anticipation for what will come next, right up until your guests get the first glimpse of the wedding dress.

The Processional –  The bridle party entrance and piece of music to be played for  the Bride’s “Entrance”, as she walks up the “Aisle”.

  1. Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  2. I’m Forrest – Alan Silvestri
  3. Canon in D – Pachebel
  4. Hoppipolla – Vitamin String Quartet
  5. Song Bird – Eva Cassidy
  6. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

The Signing of the register – Now married! this piece of music typically a couple tunes can reflect the two of you

The Recessional – music is celebratory & depending on the length of the aisle, this may need to be edited to create the right impact.

  1. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  2. Signed Sealed Delivered – Stevie Wonder
  3. Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young