Continuous Development

As a professional wedding DJ and master of ceremonies, I am constantly striving to make sure that everything I do for your big day is the best that it can possibly be. This is so that you can enjoy the day that we create together, in the knowledge that you are having help from one the best wedding DJ Hampshire has to offer. Not only do I have a huge amount of experience working with all different kinds of couples and venues, including the likes of Warbrook House and Highfield Park, but I also do everything that I can to meet other experienced DJs so that they would be able to share their expertise with me. This means that I am always learning and improving the service that I am able to provide.

An example of my continuous training was back in January, when I attended The Entertainment Experience in London. This focussed on the power to create, and was a workshop that taught advanced performance techniques. This was hosted by two friends and colleagues of mine, Bill Herman and Jason Jones, who are experienced American DJs and the hosts of Mobilebeat 2015. Ten other UK DJs, including my fellow party hosts, spent three days learning lots of things about the industry and performance techniques, and very much enjoyed the performance classes that we were able to attend.

Currently, I am in Las Vegas attending advanced workshops and training to help me to improve my craft and become the best DJ and master of ceremonies that I can possibly be. I am also over here for Mobilebeat, which is a conference for DJs from around the world. This includes things like seminars and workshops, and gives us the chance to talk to not only more experienced experts but also plenty of other people who are also in the industry. This means that there is the opportunity to exchange ideas with a number of people from a similar background and profession, and therefore I will be able to bring plenty of information and ideas back home with me that will help me to provide you with an even greater wedding than before.

When I get back from Las Vegas, I will be continuing on the road to development with the Pro mobile Conference in Oxford. This is a networking event along with more seminars focused on improving my service, where like minded DJs can get together to talk to and learn from each other, and this means that we can all leave with many more ideas and hits of inspiration than we came with.

You may wonder why I am choosing to do all of this. Well, the simple answer to that is because I am absolutely dedicated to planning and executing the best day of your life. I have attended weddings in the past where guests haven’t wanted to dance, and have left the evening do early, and I always felt as though there was a certain amount of magic missing from that. Instead, I spend the time getting to know the couples who I work with, and learn all about what makes them tick. By doing this, and by finding out about the types of people who are likely to be their guests, I can truly make sure that there is something for everybody to enjoy.

My continuous development is not only an investment into my own professionalism, but also into your big day – and I am proud of the fact that I always go the extra mile for my guests. More often than not, an extra mile means an extra smile – and that is definitely something to aim for.